Dean of the Year

2022 Recipient

Dave Shutters

Congratulations! Thank you for your dedication to Illinois State Deans' Association.

Dave has always worked hard, and for this, today he can sit back and relax as he has achieved this accomplishment! This award leaves no doubt that he is one of the best Deans in the state of Illinois. The Illinois State Deans Association named Dave Shutters as Dean of the Year for 2022. Dave has been a dean for 22 years and is currently a champion for students at Crystal Lake Central High School. In addition, this is Dave's second time earning Dean of the Year (2012).

Dave began his leadership role in the ISDA in 2007 as the secretary, then moved to vice president, and then in November 2011, he was elected to the role of President. After his leadership, Dave continues to be a part of the organization assisting with the webpage and being a consultant with conference questions. In March 2020, when the pandemic shut down the educational system and the organization could not meet in person, Dave was consulted to help how to find and connect with other deans; therefore Dave assisted in creating virtual meetings for Deans across the state to help stay connected. His ability to keep the website going and consult the executive board was instrumental in keeping the organization moving forward. In 2021, there was a vacancy in the presidential role that needed to be filled to help the organization. Dave's experience and leadership were needed to help keep the organization moving efficiently. Dave's willingness to help anywhere he can to help the organization grow The planning and execution of communication via technology were amazing and demonstrated his ability to be an effective leader.

Dave spends countless hours being proactive in promoting school safety, building relationships, establishing procedures, and creating plans for a safe learning environment. One area of strength is the innovative way to bring out the best in people and build positive relations. Dr. Eric Ernd, principal of Crystal Lake Central echoes this appreciation:

Dave Shutters has taken a proactive approach with students while serving as the Dean of Students. He has implemented and spearheaded our Tiger Pride referral system. With this initiative, our staff writes positive referrals for students who display the social-emotional characteristics exemplified through our Tiger Pride initiative and its acronym (Teamwork, Integrity, Greatness, Empathy, Respect, Perseverance, Relationships, Innovative, Determined, and Engaged). Within a one-year period, we recognized over 700 students with positive referrals. Moreover, this work has built strong, trusting professional relationships with our students, staff and colleagues that have ignited passion and unity for the school.

However, what makes Dave stand out above the rest is his passion for building relationships with students. He always has the best interests of students in mind and will put in the time to prioritize building relationships with students so that they will be better set up for success in school. His attitude to care for and serve students and his colleagues is evident in all he does.

Dean of Year
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