Dean of the Year

2021 Recipient

Tim Dykes

Congratulations! Thank you for your dedication to Illinois State Deans' Association.

The Illinois State Deans Association named Tim Dykes as Dean of the Year for 2021. Tim has been a dean for 13 years and is currently a champion of students at Niles West High School.

Tim began his leadership role in the ISDA in 2015 as the treasurer, then moved to vice president, and then in November 2019 he was elected to the role as President. As the president of the Illinois State Deans Association, Tim has been an adaptive and innovative leader. Evidence of his leadership started in March of 2020 when the pandemic shut down the educational system and the organization could not meet in person. Tim was determined to find and connect with other deans, therefore Tim created Twitter chats and virtual meetings for Deans across the state to help stay connected. The planning and execution of communication via technology was amazing and demonstrated his ability to be an effective leader. Frank Conry, IPA Field Service Specialist, who has worked with many administrators over his tenure describes Tim as “a very outstanding educational leader.”

Tim spends countless hours being proactive with school safety, building relationships, procedures and plans to create a safe learning environment. One area of strength is his commitment to restorative justice practices. Tim has presented on this topic at our conferences to encourage and guide other deans and districts to implement this strategy into their school culture. But what makes Tim stand out above the rest is his passion for building relationships with students. Dr. Karen Ritter, Principal at Niles West, says Tim always has the “best interests in mind and will put in the time to prioritize building relationships with students so that they will be better set up for success in school.” “His care for students and his colleagues is evident in all he does.” says Mike Cholipski, Vice-President of the ISDA. Hence, this is what makes Tim a champion of students.

Tim has always worked hard, and for this, today he can sit back and relax as he has achieved this accomplishment! This award leaves no doubt that he is one of the best Deans’ in the state of Illinois.

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