Scholarship Opportunity

Improved Student Scholarship

Illinois State Deans’ Association Offers:

The Improved Student Scholarship For A Graduating High School Senior

The Illinois State Deans Association’s Improved Student Scholarship has been established to provide a monetary award to a graduating senior in the state of Illinois who has demonstrated positive behavioral changes evidenced through:

· Improved attitude and commitment

· Improved G.P.A.

· Improved attendance

· Participation in school/community activities

· Successful employment

· Graduation from high school

· Show a commitment and aspirations for further education

The scholarship is offered to top high school seniors who meet the above criteria for the current school year with plans for further educational training at an accredited university, college, junior college or vocational training institute.

The student is required to submit an application and a one-page essay describing the adverse conditions overcome, detailing his/her improvements, and giving credit to the person(s) who have guided and assisted in this turn around.

An Illinois State Deans’ Association member must nominate and recommend a graduating senior for the award.

Included in the Nomination Packet are:

  • The announcement of the scholarship

  • A publication sheet

  • Application form to be completed by the student and signed by the student and his/her parent/legal guardian.

  • A one-page essay written by the student must be included with the application form. An ISDA member and the student’s Principal must sign and submit the application with the student’s essay.

  • Two recommendation forms, one to be completed by a faculty or staff member or a non-related adult who has worked closely with the student, and one to be completed by an ISDA member.

The ISDA member will gather the completed application form, the student essay and both recommendations and submit them by April 1st to ISDA President.

The Illinois State Deans Association (ISDA) announces the establishment of an up to $1000.00 Improved Student Scholarship for the graduating academic year. An Illinois State Deans Association member must nominate and recommend a graduating high school senior who has shown improvement as reflected in areas of behavior, academics, attendance, and responsibility. Nominees must also have demonstrated improved responsibility by involvement in school and/or community activities and/or successful employment.

The application deadline for all materials is April 1st. Applications will be available to ISDA members at the fall convention, the ISDA website, and will also be printed in the ISDA newsletter. These applications may be made available in Deans, SROs, Counselors, and Career Resource offices in members’ schools.