President's Message

Tim Dykes

Fellow deans:

No position in the educational environment requires more dedication, collaboration, innovation, time, and patience than what we are tasked with. We work with our colleagues to do anything and everything within our power to ensure that our students have any number of obstacles cleared from their paths, working with their families to best prepare them for their lives after they leave our school communities. A global pandemic has recently served as the “icing on the cake”. You don’t need me to remind you that this job isn’t easy. You also don’t need me to remind you that you love what you do.

The ISDA is here for you. We are here to offer professional development resources, collaboration opportunities, and networking options. While 2020 has been quite unkind to so many of us, it has also opened up some new options which we are excited to be able to bring your way. The executive board and I will be looking into new ways to bring our organization together more often. We will be making a concerted effort to engage deans throughout our entire state in what we have to offer. Be on the lookout for these changes over the course of the calendar year!

As always, the success of our organization is dependent on the willingness of its members to get involved. We need -and want- your voice! As I write this (in December of 2020), we will be hosting our monthly meetings virtually on weeknights. Should the opportunity arise to meet in person, we will seek to move to a hybrid model of meetings and continue some sort of virtual option, as well, to encourage participation from all of our members.

Thank you for all you do for your students and their families. If you ever have questions or, especially, if you are interested in getting more involved, please email me at

Tim Dykes